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Current Consultations

Consultations are listed by closing date - those closing soonest are listed at the top. 

Sustainable Modes of Travel to School Strategy Consultation

Cheshire East Council has drafted a ‘Sustainable Modes of Travel to School’ (SMOTS) Strategy, which aims to provide guidance for schools in implementing their own School Travel Plans. These Travel Plans aim to encourage more sustainable travel to schools.

The council is seeking feedback on this draft strategy, before it is adopted at a later date.

Please submit your views by 5pm on Thursday 29th March 2018.

Post 16 Travel Policy Statement

Cheshire East Council agreed on 10th October 2017 to consult the public on a suite of policies for supporting travel to school.The proposals would bring the authority in line with many other councils’ locally and across the country, who have already reviewed their school travel in line with national government requirements.  The majority of these policies were available for consultation from 18th October to 6th December 2017 with the exception of the Post 16 Travel Policy Statement for 2018/19. This policy is now ready for consultation.

The consultation will make clear what travel support the Council is required to provide and seek views on what, if any, exceptions the Council should consider.  Any proposals for exceptions to be considered need to be supported by a clear rationale.

Please submit your views by 5pm on Friday 6th April 2018.

On-going consultations

Countryside parks and rangers service

If you have recently attended one of the Ranger Service events or visited one of the sites we manage, we really want to hear from you. Please help us to improve our sites and events by completing our two surveys.


Search for individual planning applications to make your comments. Your views are also sought on planning policies and major developments.


Consult on license applications for sale of alcohol, entertainment, gambling premises and street trading and others.

Public notices

Give notice of consultations or information relating to changes.