Your Council Tax bill explained

The bill is made up of three main sections, these are explained in more detail below. 

  • Top section - Billing information
  • Middle section - How your bill is calculated
  • Bottom section - How to pay your bill

Billing information

The top section shows the main details of your Council Tax account.

  1. The tax year the bill covers.
  2. The names of any persons liable for the bill.
  3. The address the bill has been issued to (this is the address of the property the bill relates to, or a contact address).
  4. The date the bill was issued.
  5. The Council Tax account reference number.
  6. The address of the property the bill relates to. 
  7. The band of the property.


CTAX Bill top

How your bill is calculated

Council Tax is made up of Cheshire East Council, Cheshire Fire Authority and Cheshire Police Authority (shown as Police & Crime Commissioner) charges.  If you live in an area where there is a Parish/Town Council, they need money to provide additional services within that parish/town, which is included in the charge.  A new charge to support the funding of adult social care is also included from 2016-17.

8.  How the annual charge is broken down between Cheshire East Council, Parish/Town Council, Cheshire Fire Authority and Cheshire Police Authority, and the percentage increase / decrease for the year.

9.  Total annual charge (before any reduction).

10.  Reduction to the annual charge e.g. Single Occupancy discount

11. Total amount you need to pay (after any reduction). 
CTAX Bill middle

How to pay

This section shows a breakdown of your due payments for your current annual charge (it does not include any arrears from previous years Council Tax).  
12. The date each instalment is due and the amount to be paid.
CTAX Bill bottom
The back of the bill explains different ways of when and how to pay your bill.  You will find a barcode at the back of the bill, this can be used to make payments at Post Office and PayPoint outlets.
CTAX barcode bill