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Event Safety Advisory Group

Safety Advisory Group

The Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) is the first point of contact for anyone organising an event. Risk management and safety of the public at an event is primarily the responsibility of the event organiser however, experience has shown that early consultation with professionals can significantly increase safety and speed the planning process.

The Event Safety Advisory Group consists of the following organisations: -

  • Cheshire East Council keys departments:-
    • Licensing
    • Trading Standards
    • Environmental Health
    • Highways
    • Public Open Spaces
    • Emergency Planning
  • Cheshire Police
  • Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • North West Ambulance Service

Dependent on the nature of the event the group may invite other Departments within their own organisations or other representatives e.g. event organiser, location owners, transport operators, security organisations. The Group has been established to promote and support the safe management of outdoor events within the Cheshire East Area and all event organisers are required to register their event with the ESAG using the online Event Information Form below.

It is not the role of the ESAG to plan the event but they will view your plans and offer comments and suggestions if necessary - compliance with the ‘The Event Safety Guide’ would normally be expected. We recommend planning your event in good time - 6 months in advance, and longer in the case of very large events.

The Great Get Together

On the17th and 18th June 2017, The Big Lunch, Jo Cox Foundation and dozens of other groups are joining forces to invite people to come together with friends, neighbours and others they don’t yet know for street parties, picnics, barbecues and bake-off competitions. It follows the first anniversary of Jo Cox’s murder on 16th June last year.

In preparation for these public events for local communities to come together and host street parties, Cheshire East Highways are assisting with any necessary road closures. Road closures are required to ensure that the event is held safely, without any danger from passing traffic.In order for a street party to go ahead, a road closure is required and further information can be found on the Cheshire East Highways web page. 

Bonfire and Firework Displays

The UK Government (Department for Communities and Local Government) has published a short seven-page guidance document for local communities entitled 'Celebrating with bonfires and fireworks'. It provides brief practical advice for communities who wish to organise local celebrations, and also supplies links to further information.

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