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The Local Plan Strategy will be the centrepiece of the new Cheshire East Local Plan. It sets out the overall vision and planning strategy for development in the Borough and contains planning policies to ensure that new development addresses the economic, environmental and social needs of the area. It also identifies strategic sites and strategic locations that will accommodate most of the new development needed.

Current status

Work on the new Local Plan began in 2010. Since then, a great deal of evidence and research has been completed and there have been various stages of consultation leading the to preparation of the Local Plan Strategy, which was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 20 May 2014.

The Local Plan Strategy is currently undergoing an independent examination to determine whether it is sound and legally compliant. There have been three rounds of examination hearing sessions in 2014, 2015 and 2016, with consultation on the Council's proposed changes to the Submitted Local Plan Strategy in March and April 2016. The Inspector is currently considering all the issues raised through the examination and we have recently consulted on Local Plan Strategy: Proposed Main Modifications between 6 February 20 March 2017.

Further information

For the latest news and further information on the progress of the examination, please see the Examination Page on our Consultation Portal. To view the submitted draft Local Plan Strategy and all associated documentation please see the Examination Library webpage (The Submitted LPS 2014 is document reference SD 001 in the list, the Proposed Changes LPS March 2016 is reference RE F003, and the Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications is reference MM 001).