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The Local Plan Strategy will be the first part of the new Local Plan to be put in place. This Site Allocations and Development Policies Document will form the second part of the Local Plan. It will:

  • Allocate additional sites for development to make sure that the overall development requirements set out in the Local Plan Strategy are met. These allocations will generally be ‘non-strategic’ sites, less than 5 hectares in size (or 150 homes). Allocations will be for housing, employment, retail, leisure and other types of development.

  • Set more detailed policies to guide decisions on planning applications in the Borough. Land that needs particular protection will be designated, for example because of its importance to wildlife or the historic environment.

Current status

Work is underway on the Site Allocations and Development Policies Document and an initial consultation on the issues to be addressed through the document took place between 27 Feb and 10 April 2017, alongside a separate ‘call for sites’ exercise to inform the allocation of development sites.

The production of the SADPD  will be informed by Sustainability Appraisal, to assess its social, environmental and economic impacts. A Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (identifying the scope and methodology for the Sustainability Appraisal) has been produced and was the subject of a separate consultation between 27 Feb and 10 April 2017.

We are currently considering all the responses received to the consultations, and working on the detailed evidence base to inform the SADPD . We aim to publish an initial draft SADPD by the end of 2017 for further consultation.

Further Information

The following consultations have now closed but the documentation and consultation responses can still be viewed: