Think Silver, Think Recycling

Think Silver - Think recycling. It's sorted in one!

The silver recycling bin makes recycling simple, easy and more convenient, so you can put all your recycling into one bin.

  • Plastic bags with recycling inside cannot be recycled
  • We don’t empty silver bins that contain items that cannot currently be recycled
  • If we can’t empty your bin because of what’s in it, we will place a long orange sticker on your bin explaining why we haven’t emptied it.

Leave It Loose

Leave it loose!

Why does leaving it loose matter?

Recyclable materials put inside other items such as plastic bags, boxes or tubs are difficult for our contractor UPM to recycle. Such materials are rejected and not recycled. To ensure that all the materials in your silver bin are recycled please put them in your bin loose.

Cheshire East and its residents have worked hard to reduce the levels of non recyclable materials (contamination) in recycling collections. We are already one of the top ten performing unitary authorities in the country and by working together we will continue to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Make sure your silver bin is emptied by leaving all your recycled materials loose.

If we can’t empty your bin because of what is in it, we will place a long orange sticker on the bin explaining why we have not emptied it. Don’t let your bin get left behind…

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What You Can Recycle in The Silver Bin

Details of what you can recycle in the silver bin
ImageYou Can RecyclePlease Remember...
Drink and food cans and tins

Tins and Cans including:

  • Food tins
  • Drinks cans
  • Sweet/biscuit tins
  • Metal lids
Cans and Tins

Rinse tins and cans

Tip - labels can be left on and please squash if possible, but don't flatten

Glass Bottles and Jars

Glass including:

  • Glass bottles
  • Glass jars

Glass Jars and BottlesRinse bottles and jars

Tip - labels can be left on, all colours accepted, jar lids can be kept on or put in bin separately

Ceramics such as mugs, vases and crockery can only be recycled at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre

Lightbulbs: Modern (low energy) bulbs and fluorescent tubes can be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Traditional (old style filament) light bulbs should be disposed of in the black (general waste) bin.

Plastic Bottles and Containers

All plastic bottles including:

  • Drinks bottles
  • Milk/juice bottles
  • Detergent and fabric conditioner bottles
  • Cleaning/ bleach bottles and toiletry bottles

Plastic containers and trays including:

  • Yoghurt pots
  • Margarine/ice cream tubs
  • Fruit/vegetable punnets
  • Cream/custard pots
  • Plastic trays e.g meat/fish/cake trays
  • Soup/sauce pots, egg boxes
  • Plastic cups
  • All empty plastic bags, carrier bags and film

Recyclable Plastics Rinse bottles, trays and containers

Tip - To maximise space in your bin, plastic bottles should be squashed and tops replaced, but labels can be left on.

Plastics such as polystyrene, plant pots and hard/rigid plastics cannot be recycled

Children’s plastic toys and CD’s can be reused through charity shops

Card and Paper

All paper including:

  • Newspapers/magazines
  • Telephone directories Yellow pages
  • Catalogues/brochures
  • Junk mail/leaflets
  • White and coloured office paper
  • Greetings cards
  • Envelopes including window type
  • Wrapping paper and clean paper bags
  • Shredded paper (in small amounts)

All cardboard including:

  • Cereal boxes
  • Ready meal boxes
  • Corrugated/Thick Cardboard
  • Egg boxes, Kitchen/toilet roll tubes
  • Waxed paper coffee/tea cups

Card and PaperRemove plastic wrappers off magazines and put in the silver bin separately

Greetings cards or wrapping paper that have glitter on cannot be recycled

Please flatten all cardboard

Shredded paper, there are ways you can use it for example:

  • Composting (great for confidential information)
  • Sprinkled in small amounts in a wormery
  • Used to make paper logs for a woodburning stove
  • As packing material when sending gifts – much more eco friendly than polystyrene 

Small quantities of shredded paper – bagged in no more than two small carrier bags – can be taken to your local household waste recycling centre and handed in directly to a site attendant.


Cartons including:

  • Milk/juice/smoothie cartons
  • Fabric conditioner cartons
  • Soup/chopped tomatoes cartons
  • Custard cartons

CartonsRinse cartons

Tip - please squash, but no need to flatten, plastic spouts can be left on

  • Clean aluminium foil
  • Clean foil trays
FoilRinse foil - please keep flat

All empty household steel and aluminium aerosols including:

  • Hairspray
  • Deodorant
  • Shaving foam
  • Carpet cleaner

AerosolRemove plastic lids if detachable and put in
bin separately

Aerosols containing hazardous liquids or gases are not accepted e.g. paint sprays

Please note:-

Needles and Syringes should never be put in your recycling bin, household waste bin or any other refuse bin. Arrangements for disposing of needles and syringes in sharps bin containers vary from area to area. You may be able to return it to your GP surgery or local pharmacy. For more information contact your NHS trust .

Collection Information

  • Put your bin at the edge of your property or your allocated collection point, adjacent to the public highway, for collection
  • Ensure the lid is closed and your bin is out for 7am on your collection day
  • Return your bin to your property as soon as reasonably possible after collections have been made
  • Additional recycling, left next to the bin, will not be collected
  • If you are elderly or disabled and will have difficulty moving the bin, please contact us on 0300 123 5011 to be considered for an assisted collection service.
  • if you regularly have additional recycling, even though you flatten cardboard and squash plastic bottles, then please contact us on 0300 123 5011 to discuss.

If you are experiencing problems with your waste collection visit our problems with collection page.

Your recycling is taken to UPM's new Materials Recovery Facility at Shotton, where it is sorted into the different materials both manually and automatically. 

Why not take a look at the processes used at UPM's site in Shotton (PDF, 3.6MB) and see where your recycling goes?

When is My Bin Collected?

Check your collection day and calendar using the online My Collection Day app.

Think Silver, Think Recycling Poster

Help us promote the recycling service, download a 'Think Silver, Think Recycling' Poster (591KB) and add it to your local noticeboard

Waste and recycling is now provided by Ansa - a company owned by Cheshire East Council