Where does my recycling go?

Where waste goes Once the recycling has been sorted, it is sent to local recyclers, many of which are within a 30 mile radius of UPM Shotton. All of the recovered paper will be recycled on the same site in UPM's paper mill to make newspaper, all other separated materials will be recycled by UPM approved end users.

Want to know more about how the UPM facility works?

If you require a transcript of this video please contact the Waste and Recycling service for more information

Why not take a closer look at the processes used at UPM's site in Shotton (PDF, 3.6MB)?

The recycling is sorted by many large automated machines at the UPM plant. To take a closer look at how it is separated download the UPM Plant Process Map (JPEG, 96KB).

Waste and recycling is now provided by Ansa - a company owned by Cheshire East Council.Think Silver - Think Recycling - It's Sorted in One!