Environmental Hub

Information about the proposed environmental hub


Environmental hub site planConstruction is now underway and work is progressing well.

The waste transfer building has been erected and work is continuing on the office building.

Remediation works will continue throughout the construction phase and will be subject to regular monitoring. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the Environment Agency have also been kept fully informed of all works on site.

The plans were passed for approval by the Cheshire East Strategic Planning Board on 23rd September 2015.

The Decision Notice was issued on 23rd December 2015.As part of this planning process a state of the art odour control system has been put forward to ensure that any odour from the site is kept to a minimum.

As a result of this new system there has been an updated odour map (PDF, 276KB) released which shows that detectable odour will be kept almost entirely within the site boundaries. The blue line indicates that odour levels will be below detectable levels and should not have a negative impact on the local area.

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks work will continue on construction inside the vehicle workshop and office building with work on the second waste transfer building commencing shortly. During this time remediation work will also continue across the site.

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Construction is likely to take 44 weeks giving an on-site start date of late March 2017.

What is it?

The new depot, which will be located on the disused Ideal Standards site in Middlewich, will be the Borough’s main recycling centre. It will also provide a new headquarters for Ansa Environmental Services; the Council’s operating company for recycling and streetscape services. It will be a multi-use site offering a wide range of services including street cleaning, grounds and parks maintenance, transport and fleet maintenance.

The existing household recycling centre on Pyms Lane will remain open.

Why move?

The facility at Pyms Lane will no longer enable the council to achieve its longer term waste strategy. The site, on Cledford Road, was identified as the best location after an extensive search throughout the Borough.

The new depot will also enable the Council to increase its recycling and will cut landfill use to a minimum, creating environmental and economic benefits for residents in Cheshire East. The move will not only preserve existing jobs, it is estimated that it will enable the relocation of up to 400 new jobs in Middlewich and reduce long-term costs.

The Pyms Lane site is to be sold to Bentley Motors to help to secure economic benefit of circa £40m of investment and to create 300 new jobs in Crewe and the associated supply chain.

What will be there and what will they do?

The new depot will provide the following services along with updated facilities which will be significantly more efficient than the current ones.

Waste Service - The waste service is responsible for collecting household waste from approximately 165,000 households every week and during a typical year they will collect:

  • 70,000 tonnes of residual waste
  • 40,000 tonnes of garden waste and a further
  • 40,000 tonnes of recyclables from the kerbside.

In addition:

  • Just under 8,500 tonnes of residual waste (such as household rubbish not able to be recycled, re-used or composted)
  • over 30,000 tonnes of recyclables and;
  • about 6,700 tonnes of garden waste which is collected each year from the network of household waste recycling centres.
  • Added up, this is more than 11 times the weight of The Shard in London!
  • The borough’s recycling rate is in the top 13% of all local authorities across the UK.

Street Cleansing – This area is responsible for a range of services including street sweeping and litter collecting. The operation covers 2,722 kilometres of roads through manual and mechanical means, manages 186,000m3 of litter, and empties 2,400 litter bins plus 900 dog bins.

Parks and Grounds Maintenance – This team maintain 3,000 sites including 16 formal parks, 85 sports pitches, and over 230 sports and play facilities. They also maintain over 7 million trees across Cheshire East and deal with graffiti, fly-tipping and the removal of hazardous waste. They also offer operational support to Bereavement Services during busy periods and maintain 11 closed churchyards.

Fleet Management Service – This serves all council fleet and plant needs and has over 700 different vehicles, plant and equipment to maintain. It provides and maintains 64 refuse collection vehicles for the waste service which is its biggest single customer by far.