Council bulky waste collections

If you have your own transport you can take bulky items free of charge to your local Cheshire East Council Household Waste and Recycling centre. The sites are open 7 days a week, they also offer green waste skips and recycling banks for glass, paper, plastic, wood, rubble and other materials. If you arrive at site with a van, pickup, commercial type 4x4 or a trailer over 1.5 metres (internal length) you will need a household waste permit before you can use the centre.

Arranging a collection

You can make a bulky collection enquiry online. You can also arrange a Bulky Item Collection by calling 0300 123 5011. Before arranging a collection please view our list of items we won't collect.

How much will the service cost me?

Indicative prices are given below as a guide to how much this service may cost - we'll need some more information from you to give you a more accurate pricing. For example a table and 4 chairs will count as 5 items and therefore cost £80 to be collected. A bed base and mattress are classed as two separate items. Please note, this is a non-refundable service.

Service costs
Number of ItemsCost
1 - 3 £40
4 - 6 £80

Please contact the Waste and Recycling team for special collection information. There is no restriction on the number of collections booked within a year.

If you are in receipt of any of the following benefits there is a reduction in the charge of this service (The Council may undertake a check to confirm you are in receipt of qualifying benefits):

  • Income based job seekers allowance
  • Income Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax Benefit – not single resident
  • Guaranteed Pension Credits

How do I pay?

You can pay in the following ways:

  • Over the phone by credit or debit card.
  • Cheque in the post – Made payable to Cheshire East Council (a covering letter is required).

What We Won't Take

We will not collect the following items:

  • Garden Waste
  • Chemicals
  • Rolls of carpet that will not fold to less than 10 feet long
  • Gas Canisters
  • Sheds
  • Glass
  • Garage doors
  • Pianos
  • Car Parts
  • Trade Waste
  • Paint, oil, solvents or similar liquids
  • Any waste presented in a black sack 
  • Rubble, building and DIY waste including bathroom suites and furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Hazardous waste such as asbestos or corrosive, flammable, explosive or toxic substances
  • Any items that cannot be carried by two people
  • Other items depending on size, material or weight may not be taken. Please contact us for more information.

How the Collection Works

All collections must be paid for prior to collection and once the payment has been received we endeavour to collect within ten working days. Please provide an accurate list of items, only items that are listed will be collected.

Non-reusable Items

Non-reusable items include soft furnishings (without a fire label), electrical items damaged beyond repair, broken/worn out or heavily soiled furniture. Where possible, these items are to be presented outside the property for collection.

Should you be unable to present these items outside your property then please notify the Waste and Recycling Team who will make a special arrangement for collectors to collect from within your property.

Please note: Any absorbent materials/items such as carpets, mattresses, bed bases and settees etc must be kept dry or they may be too heavy to be taken away.

Should food be left in a fridge/freezer, the collection crews will not make the collection. If the collection crew are in doubt about an item they will try to contact you for verification. If they cannot contact you the item(s) may be left.

Reusable Items

Our charity partner will make the collection and endeavour to find new homes for any items which can be reused. Reusable items may include; reusable soft furnishings (must have a Fire Label), electrical items that are working or can be easily repaired, household furniture, good quality used furniture that is no longer wanted. Reusable items must be kept inside to protect them from adverse weather conditions which would damage them.

Why is it important that my items are reused?

Cheshire East Council is dedicated to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. You can help by ensuring all items which can be reused find a new home.

Our charity partner is a social enterprise organisation who provide used furniture and appliances to local families and individuals who struggle to support themselves. They also provide employment, volunteer and training opportunities to people with learning difficulties and the long-term unemployed.

By ensuring items are reused you can help our charity partner continue their valuable support to residents within the Cheshire East community.

Waste and recycling is now provided by Ansa - a company owned by Cheshire East Council

Contact us

Cheshire East Council
Waste and Recycling

0300 123 5011

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