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Welcome to our Junior Recycling Officer Resources Page. We aim to provide you with information and download resources which we hope will be useful to you in promoting the 3R's 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' in your school community and with family and friends.

Where does the council's recycling go?


You are welcome to download or copy material and images in this area for use in competitions, assemblies and setting up recycling schemes. As many of the images available remain under copyright, we would just ask that you do not alter the images themselves.

Love Food Hate Waste cards

Those really useful food waste cards (PDF, 5MB) are now available to download! You may want to make sure that the front and backs match up correctly! To make them more durable, stick them onto thick card or laminate them. Good luck with your assemblies!


A Recycling Assembly based on recycling materials into other products has been developed with the help of Cheshire East Junior Recycling Officers.

Below is the Powerpoint presentation you can use as the basis for a recycling assembly. You have the chance to write your own script and add or remove slides.

The Story of the Little Red Chair – a furniture reuse tale

The Little Red Chair Video (WMV, 50MB) can be watched with the sound switched off, and Junior Recycling Officers can read from this Little Red Chair script (PDF, 145KB). Remember to practise before trying it out in front of the school!  Many thanks to pupils from Daven and Marlfields Primary Schools, Congleton for trialling the script and making useful amendments.

Recycled crafts

Instructions for making gift boxes from cards, button bracelets and wallets from drinks cartons are given below. Enjoy making them and re-using items from home!

Colouring-in posters

These posters are exclusive to the Junior Recycling Officer website pages. You could run a colouring competition and have a prize for the best one in the year.

love food hate waste logoLove Food Hate Waste

Wasting food is wasting money and a major contributor to climate change. Currently, we throw away 8.3 million tonnes of food every year and the majority was once perfectly good food.

broccoli lovers poster lamb lovers poster pasta lovers poster

apple lovers poster potato lovers poster

Cheshire furniture re-use forum logoCheshire Furniture Reuse Forum

The Cheshire Furniture Re-use project collects unwanted good quality furniture and electrical appliances you no longer need and re-uses it to help people in your community.  For more information about how the scheme works, visit the Cheshire Furniture Reuse Forum website.

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